Registration - 2013 International Seminar on Cantonese Opera in Memory of the Centenary of Madam Yam Kim Fai (1913-1989)
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  1. Persons intending to attend the Seminar and to present paper, please fill in the Registration Form (Appendix 1) and return by email attachment to: (Specify “2013 International Seminar on Cantonese Opera Registration” as subject heading) by 31 August 2012.

    For enquiries, please contact anyone of the following:

    Dr. Poon Po-chiu
    (; Tel.: (852)-9041-0308)

    Ms Lisa Kwan Lai Sheung
    (; Tel.: (852)-9324-8559)

    Dr. Kitty Tai Suk Yan
    (; Tel.: (852)-9353-0604)

    Dr. Andy Fung Shui Lung
    (; Tel.: (852)-9873-8300)

    Ms Huang Wanling
    (; Tel.: (861)-3286826246)

    Mrs Nancy Wong Tsang Ying Ching
    (; Tel.: (61)-418914007)

  2. Persons who intend to attend the Seminar ONLY, please contact anyone of the afore listed by 31 December 2012 for registration.

Registration Fee

  • NO Registration Fee is required to attend the Seminar.
  • All delegates to the Seminar will be served with morning and afternoon teas and luncheons during the TWO DAYS of the Seminar.
  • All participants who present papers and all delegates from outside Hong Kong will be invited to the Seminar Dinner held on 13 January 2013 (Sunday). Other participants can join the Dinner at their own expenses.

Registration Form